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Gwent Police sat on data breach exposure for a year before informing ICO

Gwent Police failed to inform up to 450 people that hackers may have accessed their confidential information after it found that an online tool that allowed citizens to report incidents to the Police was exposed to hackers.

Cyber Security Certification Scheme launched by LDSC & Secured by Design

A pilot of the UK's first police-backed digital certification scheme has been launched the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC) in partnership with Secured by Design (SBD), the national police crime prevention initiative.

Cryakl ransomware keys made public

The Belgian Federal Police are making available for free the decryption keys for Cryakl ransomware and have become a partner with the No More Ransom Project.

Europol director candidate quizzed by MEPs today, appointment could follow

Catherine De Bolle, general commissioner of the Belgian federal police, the selected candidate for Executive Director of European Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) undergoes MEP questioning today.

Taiwan police award malware-laced USBs as prizes for cyber-security quiz

Taiwanese police handed out malware-laden USB sticks as prizes for a security quiz given during an infosec conference in December 2017.

Darkweb counterfeiters taken down in Europol coordinated joint action

Criminals buying and/or selling counterfeit Euro banknotes on illegal Darknet marketplaces, such as AlphaBay and Hansa Market, have been arrested in a joint operation by seven EU Member States, coordinated by Europol.

20% of Manchester police computers at risk of ransomware - using XP

Some 20 percent of Greater Manchester Police's computers are at risk of a ransomware hack due to still running Windows XP, according to research from Top10VPN.com

After fall of AlphaBay and Hansa, other darkweb markets see uptick

Darkweb activity continues apace despite takedowns as buyers move to alternative sights - but are increasingly wary of getting caught.

Online cops needed to tackle cyber-criminals in their own backyard

A select group of highly vetted police officers with an ability to proactively look for threats through the analysis of internet data could begin to turn the tables on the criminals suggests Chris Allen.

Met Police: Quarter of cyber-crimes solved, GDPR could be the next PPI

Search engines are the biggest aider and abetter of cyber-crime, according to the head of the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit, speaking at a breakfast briefing last week.

Hackers set off 156 emergency sirens in Dallas, Texas in early hours

Residents of the iconic Texas city woken in the middle of the night by wailing emergency sirens, in an incident being blamed on an unknown hacker.

Suspected members of Phineas Fisher hacking group arrested in Spain

The Autonomous Police force of Catalan says its officers have arrested three suspected hackers connected to Phineas Fisher which famously breached the Hacking Team.

Once bitten, twice shy: ONS stats reveal public response to cyber-crime

Official statistics for fraud and cyber-crime show that cyber-crime is getting worse but the public's response to it is falling into a familiar pattern.

Targeting critical elements of the cyber-criminal ecosystem: Money mules

Money mules play an essential role in the cyber-crime ecosystem - they are the safest way for criminals to cash out and launder the proceeds of crimes committed online, says Steven Wilson, head of EC3 at Europol.

Police need to be better equipped to fight cyber crime

Police apparently don't have the means to properly address the looming threat of cybercrime according to the latest Crime Survey of England and Wales

Cardiff resident charged with encrypting for IS

A 33-year-old man from Cardiff has been charged for allegedly teaching members of ISIS how to encrypt

Czech police nab Russian suspected of hacking US targets

The Police of the Czech Republic on Tuesday announced the arrest of an unnamed Russian citizen suspected of hacking US-based targets.

FT Cyber Summit: CoL police commander: 'remember the human victims of cyber-crime'

A senior commander for the City of London Police encouraged IT professionals at the FT Cyber Summit to remember the human cost of cyber-crime.

Leaked Stingray documents reveal features and ease of use

Using mass surveillance software without a warrant is almost as easy as installing Skype.

Private firms to chase cyber-criminals for cash bounties, say police

The City of London Police is working with solicitors and private investigators on how to chase cyber-criminals through the civil courts in a bid to seize the proceeds of criminal activity.

Authorities arrest Nigerian mastermind of $US60m online scam operation

A 40-year-old Nigerian national and alleged online scam artist, accused of bilking his victims out of more than $US60 million (£45m), was arrested in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in a joint operation.

Cyber-crime now included in government crime stats

With the first concrete inclusion of cyber-crime and fraud stats, the Office of National Statistics has shown that cyber-crime is nearly high as all other kinds combined.

112K French policemen doxxed on Google Drive

A disgruntled ex-employee of an insurance firm uploaded the personal details of 112,000 French police officers to a Google Drive account on June 2, possibly exposing the officer's personal information, including addresses.

Video: Police need to be more savvy in commissioning high-tech solutions

Chief constable Stephen Kavanagh tells techUK's Partners Against Crime seminar that the police need to engage more effectively with the private sector in developing new crime fighting capabilities.

Dynamic duo: Police and university to fight cyber-crime

The 18 month project will be closely watched by The Home Office, who are keen to use the lessons learnt here to fight cyber-crime nationally.

Cryptowall has been a cash bonanza for criminals, failure for cops

Though dubbed the most successful malware in history Cryptowall can be stopped