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Is BYOD a four-letter word in your organisation?

Decide on your mobiles policy, then choose the technology that allows that policy to be delivered says Sergio Galindo.

Trust, company culture and BYOD security

Mobile Application Management, with secure access and separation of work and personal use can establish employee trust in a company's BYOD policy says Alan Hartwell.

Avoid security breaches during reorganis​ation and mergers

Paul Bonner advises companies merging to take the best security practice from each component company, and not impose the practices of the dominant player - or resistance is likely.

Cyber risk management: A boardroom issue

Having comprehensive cyber risk policies that are not followed can be as detrimental as not having a policy at all says Peter Given.Good who advises that good risk-insurance will demand appropriate procedures are both in place and implemented.

SharePoint users break own security rules

Privilege controls can work, but cannot cater for all eventualities, says Quocirca analyst Rob Bamforth.

ICO sparks debate on BYOD security

The UK Information Commissioner's Office has issued guidelines to help data controllers secure work data held on employees' smartphones and tablets.