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Google may contractually require OEMs to perform regular patching

Google is looking into the possibility of requiring device manufacturers to regularly patch their devices, by incorporating such a provision into future OEM agreements.

Google policy change abolishes ads for cryptocurrencies

Google this week updated its financial services policy, effective June 2018, to prohibit the advertising of cryptocurrencies and related content.

Why visibility & forensics are key to enterprise security - a checklist

A six point checklist for making sure that your security teams have the capacity to track the root causes and progress of malware.

Implementing the Network & Information Security directive - be prepared

There is enough information now available from the NCSC to allow organisations to start identifying the gaps in their NIS directive approach and understand the risks these pose.

Decoding DevOps security - implementing a coherent & compliant programme

It is crucial to devise a programme early on that enables the curation, and distribution via automation, of consistent security policies for access to cloud keys and credentials—in a compliant way.

Policy, strategy, & hard tech - competition & cooperation in cyber-skills

Competition clash: Cyber 9/12, the UK's first cyber-policy & strategy competition, & Cyberthreat 2018 where competitors gain elite technical skills, showcase breadth of talent and expertise needed to cope with the threats faced.

Securing your company culture

Mike Simmonds, managing director, Axial Systems believes employee attitude is as important as technology when securing data.

Securing access in the perimeter-less era

As enterprises no longer have distinct boundaries defined by inside and outside the firewall, gaining visibility on the health of devices connecting to their network is more critical than ever.

Shut for the holidays? Beware, cyber-criminals may play while you're away

It's essential that IT teams complete patching, updates and changes to their networks before high volume traffic times hit so they can focus on responding quickly to network events and security issues says James Barrett.

Budget: tech & skills investment welcome, why no mention of cyber-security?

The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, announced his autumn budget today, and while it was a pro-tech budget, he had nothing to say specifically about cyber-security, hence the industry has had a lot to say about his plans.

What the UK needs from its new Defence Secretary in the cybersphere

The most fundamental thing new Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson can do is to lead from the front and foster a nationwide culture of resilience, publicly champion government initiatives and share the lessons of best practice.

Before chewing through Compliance, nibble the Critical Security Controls

Unlike compliance mandates, the Center for Internet Security's Critical Security Controls enable you to easily see where holes exist in your current security armoury before you engage external expertise says Mark Kedgley

MPs claim gov not taking swift action to consolidate UK cyber-defences

MPs have lambasted the government for its slow approach to consolidating law enforcement agencies' cyber-attack and data breach response.