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Canada and Nato attempt to define threshold for cyber-attack response

Amidst a Russian war of intelligence and influence, the Canadian military considers what defines a cyber-attack under the Nato agreement and when it should call in help of other countries.

Presidential commission calls for collaborative action to combat cyber-threats

Updated: The president's Commission on Enhancing National Cyber-security today released a 100-page report that called for greater cooperation between the government, the private sector, educational institutions and even individual Americans with the goal of protecting and defending the nation's critical cyber infrastructure.

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith fails simplest of security tests

Aside from the Labour party's internal struggles and bitter upcoming leadership election, it seems the two candidates are both pretty bad at security

GLA Tories: Mayoral Standards for London data security

Conservatives within the Greater London Assembly have called for a higher standard of data security in the capital, with a Mayoral seal of approval for those that adhere to it.