A group created on the Facebook website has been identified as being riddled with malicious links.


Following the social networking site's redesign in 2008, Adam Stanborough created a group named ‘5,000,000 against the new version of Facebook', with around 200,000 joining it daily at one point.


However the group has been hit by spammers, who put on a description that read ‘PLEASE NOTE ... Facebook looks like it will keep the new facelift, however please read below to see how i have now made over 130 K USD$ in 3 months, and now i want to share with you how i did so you to CAN MAKE MONEY!'

This links to a page through the TinyURL redirector and tells the story of Mack Michaels, who apparently ‘made thousands on the internet', and tries to entice users into signing up with a wonder money-making system.


Other messages include promotions for dating and seducing guides that are sent to the current 1.5 million members.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said: “Spammers are leaving marketing messages and web links strewn across the Facebook group like the graffiti left by teenagers in an abandoned house.


“If you're on Facebook, maybe now would be a good time to return to some of the groups you may have joined long ago and don't visit anymore, and decide if you want to permanently cut your ties before squatting spammers take control.”