Porttracker has announced version two of its network management appliance.


The system allows network managers to track and report what is currently connected and what has been previously connected to the network. The new version now includes expanded vendor support, audit history and scheduled reporting.


Network managers are also able to receive automatic alerts if a specific device shows up on the network.


Julian Rigg, CEO of porttracker said: “porttracker v2.0 brings significantly more functionality and represents a major enhancement to the original product. It was important for us to be able to increase the number of vendor switches that we were able to support. Being able to keep track of what devices are connected to your network at a moments notice, can quickly and easily mitigate the threat to network security.”


The second version is designed for companies with 1000+ switch ports and using a distributed architecture, scales up to meet the needs of the largest global business. It and network managers are also able to use porttracker to make informed decisions on port wastage, trouble shooting and network security.