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Choose your own price when shopping - SAP PoS terminals open to attack

Researcher demonstrates how hacking Point of Sale device can be done with a Raspberry Pi, not only to steal credit card data but also to change prices.

Is the IT industry to blame for the success of Point-of-Sale malware?

Eddie Bauer is the latest in an alarmingly long, and growing, list of data breach victims hit by PoS malware

HEI Hotels hacked! Malware targets POS systems

Hackers have attacked 20 hotels in the US run by HEI Hotels and Resorts with a targeted malware. The hotels included 12 Starwood, six Marriott, one Hyatt and one InterContinental.

POS-terminals become target of cyber-attacks in Russia this year

POS-terminals have increasingly become a target for cyber-attackers in Russia, posing a threat to ordinary buyers and shoppers, according to analysts of FinCERT

Wheat a moment: Multigrain malware uses DNS to steal POS data

Multigrain malware targets specific processes operating on point-of-sale systems and then exfiltrates data to command and control servers via DNS queries.