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Hackers using tiny malware PinkKite to steal credentials from POS machines

Point-of-Sale endpoints used by enterprises are now facing a new threat- PinkKite - a tiny malware less than 6k in size, with memory-scraping and data validation tools, able to steal a large number of credentials and credit card data.

Is UDPoS 'mag-stripe DNS exfiltration' malware dumb, or dumber?

US remains a target as researchers at Forcepoint Labs uncovered possibly the first new PoS malware for two years. Named UDPoS, courtesy of how it relies upon User Datagram Protocol (UDP) DNS traffic for the exfiltration of data.

LockPoS malware adopts injection technique to evade detection

LockPoS, a point-of-sale malware program discovered in 2017 stealing payment card data from computers' memory, is now using a new malware injection technique designed to bypass antivirus hooks and evade detection.

NetWire RAT acts as keylogger, steals payment card data

Criminals used a remote access trojan with keylogging capabilities rather than traditional point-of-sale malware.

FastPOS malware becomes stealthier ahead of festive credit card spree

FastPOS malware, known for the speed with which it exfiltrated data often at the expense of stealth, has been upgraded to make it more covert - just in time for Christmas.

Research firm finds MICROS hackers infected more POS vendors

Trailing not too far behind the news that hackers have compromised a leading point-of-sale system is the new revelation that at least five more vendors have been hit with similar breaches

Online fraud transactions to more than double by 2020, study says

Online fraud transactions are expected to reach $25.6 billion (£17.6bn) by 2020, up from $10.7 billion (£7.4B) last year. Meaning that by the end of the decade, $4 (£2.7) in every $1,000 (£687) of online payments will be fraudulent.

Hilton Worldwide PoS' infected with malware

Hilton Worldwide locations around the world have Point of Sale systems infected with malware which steals personal information when processing card transactions.

Unwelcome guests: hotel point of sale hacks spiraling

Starwood Worldwide, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton and Trump hotels all experience card processing system calamities.

Retailers warned of 'most advanced POS malware ever'

iSIGHT says it has discovered the most advanced POS malware it has ever seen, with the ability to customise its attacks to individual victims.

New Abaddon malware targets PoS terminals

Cyber-criminals have been trying to infect point of sale terminals in time for Christmas with a new strain of malware dubbed AbaddonPoS.

The Sally Beauty hack: a cautionary tale we should all learn from

The problem with targeted attacks, of course, is that they are designed to stay hidden, as we learned from a recent hacking case, says Kev Pearce.

Simple errors continue to jeopardise security, reveals report

Ransomware may be earning criminals a very healthy 1425 percent return on their investment, but the real crime is that organisations continue to make schoolboy errors when it comes to information security.

Gourmet sandwich cyber-hack leaves FBI in a pickle

POS malware hits US retailers including Jimmy John's 'gourmet sandwich' chain

ICYMI: Adult Friend Finder breach, Android woes & leaky Bluetooth

This week's ICYMI looks at an embarrassing data breach at Adult Friend Finder, new problems with Android, and how you can track devices with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

New POS malware from Russia targets retailers

Retailers are being attacked by new POS malware, sent from Russia, that uses phishing emails based on fake job enquiries.

Political SCADA attacks on the rise - or are they?

The latest Global Threat Report from Dell Security reveals that attacks against SCADA systems have doubled in the last year - with most regarded as political.

'PoSeidon' point-of-sale malware targets payment card information

PoSeidon takes steps to achieve persistence so that the malware will survive after a system reboot.

Home Depot credit card hack - bigger than Target?

All 2,200 Home Depot stores may be affected by the latest credit card hack suggests security researcher Brian Krebs.

Poor admin passwords allow global botnet attack

BrutPos or @-Brt attacks have infiltrated POS systems with botnets largely thanks to weak admin passwords.

Most UK firms expect to be targeted by cyber-attacks next year

Two-thirds of UK companies believe that they will be targeted by a cyber-attack within the next year, leading some industry observers to question whether business defences are up to scratch.