Post-Brexit, EU, UK must join forces on cyber-security, top negotiator says

News by Teri Robinson

The EU and UK must join forces after Brexit to fight cyber-threats, said European Commission's top Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier

The EU and U.K. must join forces after Brexit to fight cyberthreats, the European Commission’s top Brexit negotiator told attendees at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

"Our new partnership should include the exchange of information on cyber incidents, attackers’ techniques, threat analysis and best practice, including when those target the correct functioning of democratic systems," Michel Barnier said. "Crucially, we need to have capacity to respond jointly to such attacks."

Noting that "unhindered and unimpeded cybercrime data exchange is indeed crucial both for the U.K. and EU," Ilia Kolochenko, founder and CEO of ImmuniWeb, said, "Most governmental agencies may require a crystal-clear legal framework to proceed after Brexit, especially when the information involves legally protected data or cases of criminal prosecution."

With a nod to "the essential role British law enforcement agencies play in the continental fight with cybercrime," Kolochenko expressed confidence that "a solution will emerge in a timely manner."

Regardless, "private parties and cybersecurity companies will likely have a safe harbor to cooperate even before formal agreements are inked," he said.

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