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Increasing cyber-security with artificial intelligence: learning to predict

AI has contributed to the increase in cyber-attacks, but in this article Rob Holloway explains how AI could improve the accuracy of predicting, preventing and detecting cyber-attacks.

The four key mobile security threats to watch out for in 2018

Exploitation of kernel flaws, more mobile attacks, more rogue nation attacks, and increased use of WiFi 'evil twin' networks predicted for 2018 according to Gary Griffiths.

Further thoughts on the year ahead with data destruction a bigger threat

After a year of high-profile cyber-security issues, rounded off by a PayPal data breach that exposed the PII of 1.6 million customers, data security looks set to be at the top of business agendas throughout 2018.

What does the future hold for cyber-crime?

With more devices able to connect directly to the web, the IOT s continuously expanding. However, cans of worms are waiting to be opened, including data loss, data manipulation and unauthorised access to devices.

The Kosciuszko Institute cyber-security forecasts for 2018

Expert members of the European Cyber-security Forum - CYBERSEC community representing the public and private sectors plus academia share their opinions on the top challenges we are going to face this year.

The data breach of tomorrow: what to expect in the year ahead

Companies have for years relied on the detection/response model - utilising technologies like anti-virus, sandboxes, and even EDR - to protect themselves but a change in emphasis from detection to prevention is predicted.

The arms race escalates: cyber-security predictions for 2018

For every business opportunity that our hyper-connected world is creating, that same hyper-connectivity creates criminal opportunity for cyber-attackers.

Predictions A - Z for 2018 - Dystopian or Utopian dawn?

Happy New Year! SC Media UK resumes news reporting on 2 Jan 2018. During the break, catch up on our experts' predictions for a range of positive and negative futures, from the impacts of AI to likely new Zero days.

Cyber resilience and the emergence of prescriptive security:

From reactive network security capabilities we moved to developing predictive capabilities and now we are now able to achieve prescriptive security capability, intervening autonomously or flagging up issues to assist human decisions.

Cyber-security industry 2017 predictions: reaching the tipping point

SC's Roi Perez sifts through a mountain of predictions for cyber-security in 2017 to pick out recurrent trends, specific predictions and warnings as to where we need to prioritise our defences in the year ahead.

ICYMI 2016 - What an explosive year!

You couldn't miss Cyber Security this year as it was all over the mainstream media in an explosion of hacks and breaches, but if you did have your eyes and ears closed, In Case You Missed It 2016's highlights and lowlights revisits the most read stories published by SC in the UK.

Stop progress now!

Whether we like it or not, things are going to change in 2017. Not everything will be for the better, so we have to simply accept that we are in a cyber-arms race with our adversaries, and do our damndest to stay one step ahead.

10 things we can expect in the year ahead

Following the huge number of data lapses, last year will be remembered as the 'year of the breach' says Paul McEvatt who advises that we prepare for more frequent and diverse attacks in the year ahead.

Global cloud IAM will dominate in revenue by 2020

The global cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) market will be worth annual revenue of $2.8 billion (£1.9B) worldwide by the year 2020.

The 'silver lining' of growing cyber-security concerns

Oscar Arean predicts that 2016 will be the year that IT managers finally start to see more buy-in from the rest of the business when it comes to cyber-security.

Predictions: 2016 and beyond

Industry predictions for cyber-security are unlikely to achieve a consensus, but they do provide plenty of insights and recurring themes that serve as indicators of future trends, as the following edited forecasts reported by Tony Morbin demonstrate

Generation Z: A security conundrum

Generation Z, the internet generation, brings its own devices, but also its own apps and approach into the enterprise; Diana Wong explains how we must adapt our security to recognise and cater for this change.

Check Point Security Predictions for 2016

Simon Moor, UK regional director for Check Point gives his security predictions for the coming year, featuring Scada, IoT and wearable attacks increasing but most problems still due to software vulnerabilities unpatched.

Forrester forum predicts future of cloud delivery and end of central IT

In seven years the information security industry will see more cloud delivery and no central IT.