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Trump win alarms cyber pros

Security pros are bracing for changes the industry may face after the election of real-estate entrepreneur and reality TV personality Donald J. Trump.

Trump campaign leaks details from interns' resumes

Donald Trump's contentious campaign for the presidency has taken another controversial turn as his website was found leaking the CVs of his interns

Teenager hacks Sri Lankan president's website to protest exams

President told by cheeky hacker to improve his website security or hold another election is he was unable to "control the situation"

White House requires agencies to share custom code with open-source community

The White House is to make federal agencies release their custom code to the open-source community

John McAfee to run for US president, claims gov't is tech "illiterate"

The ex-fugitive and McAfee Security founder confirmed that he'll be running in the 2016 US presidential election.