Prevx and CPP have partnered to offer UK banks and their customers increased protection against identity fraud.

As part of the agreement, CPP will add Prevx 3.0.5, which includes the new SafeOnline technology for protecting all online transactions from threats such as phishing, DNS poisoning, screen grabbing, man-in-the-browser and keystroke logging, to its latest version of the Identity Protection Alert product.

Michael Lynch, CPP's head of identity protection, said: “The internet has become a haven for identity theft, as people often unwittingly disclose personal information that can be easily exploited by complex scams perpetrated by sophisticated malware. It became clear that our IPA product would be further enhanced with a strong online security solution, so we evaluated the market to find the product that could offer our customers the best in identity, PC and internet protection.

“Following benchmarking tests performed against a range of competitive products, Prevx 3.0.5 was selected because of its comprehensive protection and, particularly, its innovative approach to securing the PC browser from online threats through the new SafeOnline component.”

Mel Morris, CEO at Prevx, said: “As the internet becomes more central to our lives, we should have greater confidence in being able to perform simple transactions such as online banking and shopping. CPP is undoubtedly a leader in the UK identity protection market, so its exclusive selection of our technology to protect its one million existing customers is a powerful testament to the strength of the solution.”