Prevx has launched a free security programme designed to protect websites and internet users from the risks of online fraud without impacting the user experience.

Offered free to banks, government and e-commerce sites, the Prevx SafeOnline Business Partner Programme offers free protection against malware that compromises customers' confidential account numbers or passwords.

According to Prevx, SafeOnline can be downloaded and active in seconds, does not impact the user experience, requires no website changes, complements existing security products and even prevents infected PCs from compromising an online transaction.

Prevx CEO Mel Morris explained that it works as a security layer to protect the web browser from attacks. Morris said: “The real threat these days comes from bypassing modern day security products; there is always a layer of threat that will not be detected by security software. We are talking about a different approach, to harden the browser to mitigate against keyloggers, screen grabbers and checking for DNS poisoning, this is a whole layer of defence."

The product completely locks down the PC operating system and browser to render malware blind to the transaction, enabling secure online transactions even on infected machines.  As a result, attacks such as keystroke loggers are prevented from intercepting any information that a person types into a keyboard.

Similarly, information on a screen is hidden from the eyes of malware used for screen grabbing.  The product also ensures that an individual is connected to the true website of a bank, government department or online shopping portal and not inadvertently passing their personal information to a phishing site.

Morris said: “From the point of view of a bank, these people know more about fraud than any other entity so they have good steel about securing applications, they can gain a lot from their customers as they can quiz them about the provisions they use.

“What we've tried to do with this product is something that gives protection to the customers of banks that they are concerned about. It does not change the user experience at all, they will only know anything is different when there is a threat.”

According to Prevx, SafeOnline Business Partners' customers also have access to two powerful features that are standard to Prevx's updated flagship anti-malware product, Prevx 3.0.5. Firstly, a fast and powerful scanner can quickly scan a PC for potential threats and alert a person about potential risks. This scanner then works with a malware detection system that tracks more than 15 million known, evolving and emerging malware threats in real-time.

Prevx is able to collate this data and provide Prevx SafeOnline Business Partners free, real-time reports about the major threats affecting their websites so they can better manage the risk.