Prevx has launched new software to protect against malware that bypasses existing anti-virus protection.


Edge is designed to detect, block and remove targeted malware that is designed to evade protection and steal sensitive data. It can either work alongside users' existing anti-virus, or as standalone software to protect against the new breed of advanced malware, which can disable, bypass or ignore leading brands of security software.


It uses three powerful measures that are all but impossible for malware to counteract that provide a significant additional layer of protection working in parallel with a customer's existing security applications.


Edge also features advanced self-protection capabilities, making it impervious to 22 distinct attack vectors, which criminals use to remove or ‘switch off' user's existing security software.


Mel Morris, CEO at Prevx said: “By designing a product which works alongside your existing security product we have broken a major barrier that is limiting the security industry's ability to combat the onslaught of these new threats to make consumer PCs safer.


“We believe, with existing security products failing to detect a huge amount of criminal software, the need for multiple layers of security has never been higher. Our mission is to keep users personal information safe, which is what we are trying to achieve with this new software.”