PrisonLocker ransomware 'practically harmless'

News by Ava Fedorov

Panda Labs' analysis shows PrisonLocker ransomware incomplete, not 'in the wild', thus practically harmless.

In an analysis of PowerLocker, also called PrisonLocker, by Luis Regel of Panda Labs, the malware prototype is deemed as “practically harmless.” This is due to the fact that the malware exists in a half-finished state, since the creator, having generated a great deal of publicity for himself, was arrested before completion, leaving no definitive version of this ransomware and, according to Regel, there is no evidence that it is “in-the-wild.”

Still, backing up all critical files to fend off disaster whether it be hardware problems or malware infections, is always advisable. With ransomware like PrisonLocker, Regel warns, “if you don't have a backup system and your system is infected, we certainly do not recommend paying the ransom, as this only serves to encourage the perpetrators of such crimes.”

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