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IP Tribunal: Intelligence services used 'unlawful' bulk collection since 1998

The Tribunal which oversees UK foreign and domestic intelligence has handed down a damning judgement that the intelligence services unlawfully collected the personal data of UK citizens for over a decade.

IOCCO report reveals numerous errors made in use of phone and web data

The IOCCO's annual report has revealed how throughout 2015, the security services made 1,119 mistakes in the interception of communications data which led to 17 wrongful arrests.

Privacy organisations launch index to track surveillance tech sales

Watchdog groups Privacy International and Transparency Toolkit today launched their new Surveillance Industry Index (SSI), which contains data on 528 companies that supply surveillance technology to governments and corporations.


A royal command has banned VPNs and proxy servers in the United Arab Emirates, but for a country investing so heavily in cyber-security, is this not a step back?

Irish government to ask for communications interception powers

Ireland may soon be getting something very similar to the UK's Investigatory Powers bill if deputy prime minister Frances Fitzgerald's expected recommendations are made.

GCHQ sets out 'operational case' for bulk collection

GCHQ has released a new document advancing the 'operational case' for bulk collection, arguing that fighting terrorism is only part of the picture.

Privacy International files for judicial review against general hacking warrants

Privacy International has filed for Judicial Review at the UK's High Court, challenging the Investigatory Powers Tribunal's (IPT) decision to allow the Government to issue 'thematic warrants' which allow for general hacking.

GCHQ admits to hacking in court, says hacking helps stop terror attacks

GCHQ has admitted for the first time that it has hacked computers, smartphones, and networks in the UK and abroad using CNE.

Australian government announces new data retention law

In a controversial move designed to combat terrorism and child abuse, the Australian government has enacted legislation to allow for the retention of metadata for up to two years.

Snowden smartphone allegations - security world unimpressed

Edward Snowden's appearance on last night's Panorama, and his phone hack allegations fail to shock security experts.

Updated: Government policy reveals UK snooping on Facebook, Google users

A once-secret government policy has been published and provides eye-opening detail on the UK's legal reasoning behind spying on residents using Facebook, Google and other web services.

Privacy International challenges GCHQ malware attacks

A 21-page legal challenge seeks a definition of what is legal - and what is not - under RIPA.

Crafty cigarette exposed by Google: PI swings into action

Self-appointed guardians of individual privacy and freedom, Privacy International (PI) has made a formal complaint to the ICO <a href="" target="_blank">according to the BBC</a><br /><br...