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Facebook sends auditors to Cambridge Analytica; FTC reportedly probing

Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of data on 50 million Americans and its support for the Brexit campaign have prompted internal and external probes of both Facebook and the data analytics firm.

US FTC fines VTech toy firm over data breach

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) fined toy firm VTech US$ 650,000 (£482,000) as part of a settlement for violating a US children's privacy laws.

Russian anti-privacy laws go into effect - Facebook to be blocked

Russia's anti-privacy laws began taking effect 1 October - with another deadline on 1 November - just as the country pledged to block Facebook if the company refuses to store Russian citizens' data on Russian servers.

Two Swedish officials resign over data breach fallout

Transport agency staff who sought to hide data breach at Swedish transport agency have been ousted and PM criticised for failure to disclose earlier.

Dr Hielke Hijmans joins CIPL at Hunton & Williams

Dr Hielke Hijmans has joined the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (CIPL) at Hunton & Williams LLP as a senior policy advisor.

Updated: EU Privacy Shield soon to be finalised

Privacy Shield's long awaited final draft will be done by the end of this month. SC talked to some of those in the industry who will fall under its dominion

EU-US Safe Harbour agreed - for now

A last minute agreement on EU-US Safe Harbour transatlantic data transfers has been announced, but civil liberties objections are expected by those who believe initial concerns are not fully addressed.

Strasbourg approves unified approach to digital single market

The European Parliament has approved its report, Towards a Digital Single Market Act, with cyber-security a major concern. We speak to Estonian MEP Kaja Kallas.

New EU data protection law looms near, but are security teams ready?

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is on course to be introduced this year, but politicians and IT security teams are not completely sold on it.

A year of trouble and strife for Google and the 'Right to be forgotten'

One year ago the European Court of Justice ruled that Google should remove URL links from its search engine at the request of just one internet user; now, the tech giant finds itself fighting a privacy battle against users, regulators, academics and activists.

Banks could be first to be hit by EU privacy fines

Nearly half of European IT professionals would struggle to meet the reporting requirements of new EU data protection regulation. That's according to a survey from Varonis, who also found that a third of organisations did not have a plan to enable them to comply with the new legislation.

'Unethical and illegal' Facebook criticised for tracking visitors

Facebook privacy is once again in question with researchers finding that the social networking giant tracks all visitors, including those who do not have a user account.

Facebook privacy policy 'breaking EU law'

Facebook's revised data privacy policy is breaking European law, according to an analysis carried out by a Belgian privacy watchdog.

Tech experts want new UK data protection law for biometrics

A panel compromising the former head of GCHQ, leading scientists and privacy rights campaigners raised concerns over the use of biometrics at a government committee meeting earlier this week.

Data residency in a borderless environment

International use of personal data emphasises the differing laws that need to be adhered to, but there are solutions explains Alan Kessler.

UK government proposes public sector data sharing

A leaked document reveals that the British government plans to revise data collection laws so that it can share personal details on earnings, tax and criminal records, benefits payments and more with all agencies in the public sector.

UK government criticised for opposing 'right to be forgotten'

The British government has been criticised by the president of a leading UK data protection professional body for trying to water down the 'right to be forgotten' privacy protection now being instigated by Google.

UK government to increase surveillance

The British government looks set to pass the Data Retention and Investigations Powers Bill - a law which will allow police and security services to access people's phone and internet records from telcos and ISPs.

HMRC plan to share taxpayers' data attacked

A proposal by HMRC to release millions of taxpayers' personal data to private firms has whipped up a storm on data privacy.

Major privacy flaw found on WhatsApp

Popular messaging service WhatsApp is facing up to another PR disaster after a security researcher found that others could access private chats through downloaded Android apps.

HTTPS: not as secure as previously thought?

Tapping Gaussian functions to analyse which HTTPS pages are being accessed exposes website usage.

ICO promised new powers to rein in NHS on patient data

The Government has responded to fears about the security of millions of NHS patients' personal data by giving privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) the power to carry out 'compulsory audits' on how well the health service looks after personal information.

Anticipating challenges

Paul Midian asks, 'How much are you prepared to 'give of yourself' so that algorithms can predict your wants and make your life easier? '

EU data protection law reform criticised on Data Privacy Day

The European Commission's forthcoming data protection law reforms have been heavily criticised on Data Privacy Day.

Snowden effect could see change in privacy law

Former CIA contractor Edward Snowden may be holed up in Russia, but his actions could yet see changes on privacy law and the funding of certain data protection agencies.