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WordPress plugin update leads to thousands of sites exposing users to adware

Paul Bischoff, security and privacy advocate for is warning website owners who use the Simple Share Buttons plugin for WordPress that clicking to "accept" the terms and conditions of the latest update could allow their websites to subject users to threats.

WhatsApp to share customer data with Facebook

WhatsApp will now share the phone numbers of customers with its parent company, Facebook. The move has prompted concerned looks from those who once celebrated the company for its high standards of privacy.

Shhhh, not in front of the TV...Samsung clarifies Smart TV privacy policy

Samsung clarified its privacy policy after an activist pointed out language in an earlier version that alluded to the devices' eavesdropping ability.

Avoid your data collection becoming 'creepy'

'Privacy and The Internet of things: How to Avoid Crossing The Creepy Line' at the 2015 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit dealt with growing tension between the expanding capacity for data collection via the internet of things and the need to respect consumer privacy.

Spotify updates to privacy policy leave users furious

The latest privacy policy update from Spotify has left worldwide users outraged.