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UK also wants to be forgotten: new data protection regulation proposed

UK proposes new data protection regulation in line with GDPR for a post-Brexit world, including right-to-be-forgotten, heavy fines, and new rules on data gathering - expected in Autumn.

To mine or not to mine, that's the question for senate

Whether increased data mining enhances security or undermines privacy, that's the question facing the US senate over the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) 2015.

Why Big Data means big responsibility

Individuals want privacy for their data, but they will share it if they can explicitly choose to do so having been told what benefits they will gain says Sachiko Scheuing.

Data residency in a borderless environment

International use of personal data emphasises the differing laws that need to be adhered to, but there are solutions explains Alan Kessler.

Europe MEPs push for data privacy law

The European Parliament is calling for the introduction of a new pan-European data privacy law to protect against US intrusion.

Facebook bloggers reveal way to peek at private profiles

Two Facebook fans generated a load of free publicity for their new blog when, in their maiden post, disclosed a vulnerability in the social-networking website that could enable outsiders to view parts of profiles that are set to private.

Streetview 'won't invade privacy'

Google Streetview will not be breaching any privacy laws when it is launched in the UK, according to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Europe just "weeks" away from data sharing deal with FBI

Brussels insiders have confirmed that the European Commission is nearing the conclusion of talks with the Americans over the provision of citizens' personal information to the FBI for terrorism fighting purposes

Exclusive: Privacy campaigners may sue EC over provision of citizens' personal data to the FBI

A leading civil rights organisation is threatening the European Commission with legal action as Brussels nears an agreement with the US over plans to release details of individuals' credit card histories and internet browsing habits to the FBI

Poynter Review, IPCC severely criticise HMRC over data breach

Two separate reports into the data leakage of 25 million records from Revenue & Customs last year have widely condemned data security procedures in the Government department

CCTV cameras that listen as well as watch

University researchers are developing artificial intelligence software which can be loaded onto CCTV cameras to enable them to locate incidents by noise alone

Scotland loses details of nearly one million 999 calls

Parcel courier TNT has lost a disk containing extensive details of emergency calls made in Scotland over the last two years

Private investigators fined by magistrates after conning BT for information

Two private detectives have been fined by a London court after blagging information on the partner of a man wanted for a debt to their client

Sweden adopts eavesdropping legislation

A controversial bill passed by the Swedish Government this week will entitle one of the country's intelligence agencies to monitor all phone calls, faxes and emails crossing its borders

Interview: Louise Bennett

As the chair of the security forum at the British Computer Society, Dr Louise Bennett has an excellent bird's eye view of what's going wrong with the nation's security, as she tells SC Magazine

MPs urge Government caution over handling of citizens' data

In a report, the Home Affairs Committee says it's imperative that the Government builds trust with citizens, else there is a real danger the country will slide into a surveillance society

Security expert: BT should be prosecuted over its use of Phorm

Cambridge University security researcher Dr Richard Clayton argues that BT should be prosecuted because it monitored internet users' websurfing habits without their permission, while the telco declines to say its activities were legal

Google chief exec targeted over privacy policy

Fourteen US privacy groups have written to Eric Schmidt arguing that Google is breaking Californian law by not including a link to its privacy policy on its homepage

Facebook faces accusations of 22 privacy violations

The social networking site has been hit by a legal complaint from Canada, which claims it has failed to gain users' permission to distribute their information

Interview: Lord Erroll

The outspoken Lord Erroll is the voice of the House of Lords on internet security. Keen to keep the Government on its toes, he is quick to criticise the efforts of the Commons to keep the nation's data secure, as he tells SC Magazine.

Government lines up central database of phone and internet records

ISPs and telecoms companies are to be compelled to provide a wide range of information on their users' activities, which may be held in one central Government database

Google defends privacy policy after Google Health launch

Following the launch of Google Health, a hosted service which lets users store their medical information online, the search giant has sought to quash security and privacy concerns