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Privacy Shield's importance to UK businesses

Eduard Goodman discusses how consumers' growing expectations of privacy combined with uncertainty about post-Brexit regulations make Privacy Shield a useful model for UK businesses.

ICYMI: Spam leak; password loss; Privacy Shield; hospital hit; app in iframe

In Case You Missed It: Spammer breached; Yahoo/gmail passwords; Privacy Shield concern; malware shuts hospital; 132 apps in iframe malware.

Minister to give evidence to Lords committee on data protection after Brexit

Topics of discussion include data sharing between the UK and the US after the UK leaves the EU.

Does Trump's executive order on public safety violate Privacy Shield?

Privacy experts are warning that President Trump's executive order on public safety is a threat to international privacy protections.

International privacy policy: What's next?

With a new president in the US and the UK leaving the European Union, the state of privacy agreements is in flux, reports Jeremy Seth Davis.

French digital advocacy groups challenge Privacy Shield

Two French internet rights associations filed legal challenges against the EU-US Privacy Shield, arguing the joint agreement doesn't go far enough in protecting citizens from digital spying.

After GDPR, Privacy Shield and Brexit, 5 questions you need to ask about your data

Fortunato Guarino looks at the importance of having the necessary processes and technology in place for finding personally identifiable information (PII) anywhere on the company network

Survey: 34% of privacy pros expect their companies to certify under Privacy Shield

In a new survey, only 34 percent of privacy professionals whose companies transfer data from Europe to the US said that they expected their businesses to adopt the newly approved EU-US Privacy Shield.

Privacy Shield - not just Safe Harbour 2

With the final Privacy Shield, the European Commission and US Government have concluded years of negotiation over transatlantic data flows. Cameron Kerry and Maarten Meulenbelt consider the implications.

Europe unhappy with Privacy Shield, holding off until 2017

Europe's data protection committee is going to let Privacy Shield operate for a year, promising to hold off on legal challenges until its first joint annual review happens in 2017.

EU member states approve EU-US Privacy Shield

Following negotiations between EU and US officials, the Privacy Shield agreement has been approved by the EU's 28 member states on Friday 8 July. Formal adoption should commence early this week

European Data Protection Supervisor calls Privacy Shield ineffective

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Giovanni Buttarelli said Monday the agreement is ineffective and may crumble under the same scrutiny that brought down Safe Harbour.

Court decisions erode Privacy Shield support

The long-besieged Privacy Shield agreement proposed by US and European officials faces a new round of challenges following recent decisions by the US Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court and the Supreme Court.

47% of EU businesses don't know where their data is located

Almost half (47 percent) of IT leaders in EU-based businesses are unaware of the geographical location of critical and personal data.

European Parliament approves GDPR

After four years of work the much vaunted GDPR has been approved by the European Parliament, aiming to usher in a new age of data protection for European citizens and the companies that serve them.

Art.29 Working Group says Privacy Shield falls short

Privacy Shield still doesn't adequately address the issue that spelt certain doom for its predecessor, bulk collection.

Landmark emergency hearing to challenge UK security legislation

Bulk collection is on the ropes as the ECJ will clarify whether UK security legislation is consistent with European law.

Leaked information casts doubt on Privacy Shield

Leaked information from the working group reviewing Privacy shield highlights scepticism from within the EU about whether the new privacy regime goes far enough

EU-US Privacy Shield attacked by critics in Euro Parliament hearing

At a hearing of the European Parliament's committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs yesterday, critics assailed the proposal as weak and ineffective.

Privacy shield: Officials give "written assurances" over limiting bulk data collection

The Privacy Shield negotiations have produced an unprecedented agreement between the US and the EU that there will be safeguards against the bulk collection of the EU citizens' data but critics are unconvinced.

Privacy's new clothes

Timothy Edgar suggests that the new Privacy Shield set replace the US-European Union Safe Harbour framework, is no shield at all and will not protect the privacy of European data held in the US.

EU-US Privacy Shield to replace Safe Harbour

Pulina Whitaker examines the new EU-US Privacy Shield replacing the Safe Harbour programme