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Israel Cyber Week: Facebook, Twitter, Google data use must be accountable

Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked: The international community must ensure that global companies and Internet giants like Facebook, Twitter or Google are held accountable for the irresponsible handling of users personal data.

Uber's drunk passenger patent could be a 'privacy nightmare' for consumers

Uber recently applied for a patent to use artificial intelligence to spot drunken drivers in a move that has cyber-security professionals questioning the privacy implications of such software.

Infosec 2018: Corporates misuse data, but look East for a bigger concern

Martha Lane Fox: GDPR is shaping a new way of looking personal user data, including in the US, but for concerns about a dystopian future we should focus on the east, and we should look to Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

Facebook defends sharing user data with mobile OEMs

Facebook is defending its privacy and data management practices again after the New York Times on Sunday reported that the social media giant has entered into agreements over the last decade to share user data.

Ghostery's GDPR notification exposes recipients addresses in batch emails

It seems the path to GDPR is fraught with GDPR violations - at least for privacy browser Ghostery, which exposed the email addresses of users to other users when it sent out GDPR notification emails Friday.

GDPR compliance rush arrives - sites close, Google, Facebook face lawsuits

GDPR has been in play for less than 24 hours and several lawsuits have already been filed in the EU against Facebook and Google claiming each is not abiding by the new privacy regulations.

GDPR comes into effect today: fines will be levied

Most companies globally don't think they risk being fined, even though most are not ready for GDPR - but if they have a change of heart there are actions they can still take.

Blockchain alone can't solve the Facebook problem

Internet users need a new kind of data permission system. Anything published on blockchain can be read by anyone, anywhere. That's kind of the whole point of it. So a new internet technology layer is needed to run on top of it.

ISO to introduce privacy standards for consumer goods

The ISO has brought together a team of privacy experts to develop the first set of preventative international guidelines to ensure consumer privacy is embedded into the design of a product or service.

Facebook in class action suit over privacy, data gathering infractions

Facebook accused of "standing idly by" while Aleksandr Kogan raided user accounts through a quiz app and shared the information with Cambridge Analytica and "made only the weakest attempts to prevent further access to this data.

Airbnb China announces it will share user data with government

Airbnb is notifying its users in China that the company will share guest's information with authorities to comply with national laws and regulations.

Facebook VP justifies company's data collection practices as central to its growth and mission

The memo penned by Andrew "Boz" Bosworth surfaced as the social media company is trying to restore user trust after Cambridge Analytica harvested data from the Facebook accounts of 50 million Americans without their consent.

Facebook sends auditors to Cambridge Analytica; FTC reportedly probing

Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of data on 50 million Americans and its support for the Brexit campaign have prompted internal and external probes of both Facebook and the data analytics firm.

Will Cambridge Analytica's data harvesting impact business use on Facebook?

The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating the manner in which data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica harvested millions of Facebook profiles and analysed them for political purposes and to target voters during Brexit.

Cellebrite reportedly can unlock every iPhone Model

Israel-based Cellebrite reportedly privately announced the capability to subvert the security of iOS 11 enabled devices including the latest iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch.

The privacy wars - individuals ask, where is our data and who has access?

We are seeing a shift in people's perception of how their personal data is collected, stored and used. Large-scale data breaches have raised the level of awareness in the general public, and shone a light on the role of data aggregators.

Private chats and user accounts could be exposed by Tinder security bug

An easy-to-exploit bug has left Tinder accounts and private chats exposed to hackers, revealed a researcher this week.

How to deflect unrequited love from hackers this Valentine's Day

Tips on keeping businesses safe this Valentine's day - treat online approaches as you would in 'real life' - with caution.

GDPR and cyber-security: An opportunity that cannot be ignored

Data controllers and processors are required to carefully think about the ways to effectively secure personal data and take all necessary steps in this respect to prevent possible infringements of the Regulation.

Data Protection Day: EC issues GDPR guidance

With just under four months to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, the European Commission (EC) published guidance last wee, meant to help organisations apply the new rules to their businesses.

74% of privacy-immature organisations hit by losses of more than £350,000

Many organisations have been investing in resources and processes to meet GDPR standards ahead of the May deadline according to Cisco's first Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study.

Researchers: Security of messaging apps breaks down during group chats

Vulnerabilities in the group communication protocols of three encrypted messaging apps - WhatsApp, Signal, and Threema - could allow attackers to willfully subvert their integrity and confidentiality.

Europe creates new security body separate from Nato - UK not included

To be known as PESCO, the body will allow member states to jointly develop military capabilities, invest in shared projects and enhance their respective armed forces.

Hackers target private schools in UK

Hackers are taking advantage of poorly secured systems at schools in the UK, nicking identifying data, typically through phishing attacks, that they could use to target parents with fake invoices and other means of cyber-crime.

IT valuation of PII data shows huge variations

US security professionals value their personally identifiable information more than twice as much as their UK counterparts, according to a new report.

BrickerBot creators announce retirement from active operations

The individual, or people, behind the BrickerBot malware attacks have decided to hang up their mouse and keyboard after claiming to have locked more than 10 million supposedly unsecure Internet of Things devices.

"Wearables are being adopted by the healthcare industry but data privacy concerns need to be addressed"

If we are to take advantage of the opportunities offered by wearables in healthcare, safeguarding of personal and sensitive data must be a prime concern, with features to support privacy and protection against misuse of data.

NIST 1.1 tackles cybersecurity metrics, supply chain

The second draft of the update to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology's cyber-security framework, NIST 1.1, may prove to be more impactful than the original version released in 2013.

Data on 31 million users leaked by smartphone keyboard app

After the developer of virtual keyboard app Ai.Type left a 577GB Mongo-hosted database unsecured, personal data on more than 31 million customers was exposed to anyone who has an internet connection.

Mozilla patches critical flaws in Firefox 57.0.1 update

Mozilla released a security update to address critical vulnerabilities in Firefox 57 which could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.