IT professionals demonstrate further lack of knowledge on data security

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Almost half of IT professionals carry sensitive data on an unsecured mobile device.

Almost half of IT professionals carry sensitive data on an unsecured mobile device.

According to a survey of 237 IT professionals interviewed by Origin Storage at this year's Infosecurity Europe exhibition, 41 per cent were carrying sensitive information on unprotected mobile devices.

At the same event, where more than 300 visitors attempted to log on to a rogue wireless network, 37 per cent of respondents confessed that between 81 and 100 per cent of all sensitive data stored on their device(s) was unprotected.

Also, 19 per cent revealed that their organisation had suffered a data breach following the loss of a portable device, with 54 per cent admitting that the device had not been encrypted.

Andy Cordial, managing director of Origin Storage, said: “When you consider the level of knowledge this audience is assumed to have, working in IT and having some form of security remit, yet the lax protection used for sensitive data, it's hardly surprising data breaches are increasing in frequency and especially recently in size.

“The ICO recommends any solution should meet FIPS 140-2, yet 31 per cent of our sample state that it ‘doesn't matter'. Certification is the only ‘proof' that the product actually does what the company ‘claim' it does. My advice is do not leave security to chance. Lock it down with something that's actually proven to work or there is a strong possibility you'll be crying over spilled data.”

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