A Young Professionals Programme has been launched by (ISC)2 to offer a pathway into the cyber security field.

According to the organisation, the new group has been designed to help cultivate the information security workforce of the future and will begin with a reception this Sunday. It will begin with eight (ISC)2 chapters around the world and be rolled out across the organisation in early 2013.

Members of the Young Professionals will gain access to services tailored for their career development needs, including mentoring, specialised education opportunities, career support and guidance, as well as networking opportunities.

Mentorship opportunities are available for experienced professionals.

John Colley, managing director for EMEA of (ISC)2,, said: “Getting young people on track to join the information security profession is critical to our future. The Young Professionals group will, not only help young people learn about the benefits of a career in this field, but it will also help the profession, gain much better insight into the needs of the younger generation and how best to engage them.”

To register for the reception, email receptions@isc2.org