Proposals for the ‘Make BrITain Great Again' report has been welcomed for innovation but concerns have been raised over practicalities.

Part of the Digital Britain report, this has been endorsed by the House of Lords who recognise that the technology sector has the power to pull the UK out of a recession.

The report claims that every British home and business will have a minimum 2MB broadband link, although some commentators have claimed that there will be a problem with power.

Owen Cole, technical director, UK&I at F5 Networks, claimed that a possible looming electricity shortage in the UK is not the only problem organisations should be worried about, as the UK does not have enough fibre optic cabling in the country to support its own needs, let alone other nations and networks.

Cole said: “By supporting the electricity needs of other countries, e.g. France, the UK faces a potential double whammy as the talent and infrastructure moves out. The government needs to address the fact that the UK is lagging behind in terms of technological innovation, which is dependent on electricity and fast internet speeds. Japan's lowest internet speed is 12MB, and the UK is only now rolling-out 2MB.

“If the technology sector is going to help pull the UK out of a recession as highlighted in the 'Make BrITain Great Again' report, endorsed by the House of Lords, action to keep the innovation in the UK must be taken now.”