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Strengths: Easy-to-configure policies and IPS protection for both itself and the mail server

Weaknesses: Too expensive for smaller environments

Verdict: Good product for larger environments and a must if you are a Proventia shop

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The IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System is just that, a full-on mail security system. It offers some high-grade functionality for the large enterprise.

With features such as spam control, anti-virus, content filtering and even an intrusion prevention system on board to protect the device itself as well as the email server, this is a solid appliance.

We found this product to be quite similar to all the other products in the Proventia line that we have come across. The intial setup takes just a few minutes and is guided by a wizard.

Once configuration is complete administration and further tweaking is done through the Java-based GUI called the Proventia Manager. This is well organised and easy to navigate.

Also like most of the other products in the Proventia line, the IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System comes fully loaded with many predefined rules and policies. These policies can be further customised to be as broad or as granular as needed with a quick click of the mouse.

There is also a large amount of filters already built into the appliance, including compliance filters such as image and attachment stripping.

The documentation for this product is in the form of a few PDF manuals. The getting-started guide includes deployment considerations and a brief lesson on mail systems, as well as installation and initial configuration instructions.

The user guide provides further feature and maintenance information. Both include many clear step-by-step instructions, but there are almost no diagrams or visuals.

Support is included in the purchase of the appliance and comes in the form of 24/7 phone and email support as well as a very large support area on the website, with a knowledge base, FAQ section, documentation and downloads.

Even with a price tag of more than £5,000, we still find this to be a solid investment and good value for money. This appliance offers a high level of protection and compliance while still being easy to manage and administrate.

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