A focus needs to be given on providing and protecting information, as a claim is made that the issue of trust is primary in cyber space.

Jim Stikeleather, CTO of Dell Perot Systems, claimed that the biggest issue in cyber space is trust.

Stikeleather said: “One of the issues is not just cyber security, we really think about regulatory compliance and a bigger issue and look at it. The bigger issue is the issue of trust. When you think about cyber space, the growth of economy and segmentation of population, it is being driven by commerce and economic information. If we lose trust we will lose the vehicle of commerce, I liken it to the fall of the Roman Empire.”

He said that there are three stages to focus on when giving and protecting information. One of these was education, as there is a rapidly expanding number of users and ‘we have to educate people who are coming in and need to learn'.

Further, Stikeleather said: “As providers of services, hardware and software, we need to be sure that what we deliver has capabilities, but as an industry we need responsibility, and produce an environment that you are protected in. A base level of capability to protect yourself.”

The final stage was as guiders, and Stikeleather said that as a community it had been lax, as the cyber crime space was extremely profitable, and as a consequence the threats were ‘very large and very focussed'. “We are very focussed on the real space, and we need to think about laws for space and need to be much more protective in creating consequences for bad behaviour,” he said.