The PlayStation Network (PSN) is reportedly down worldwide on the same day as the launch of Battlefield 1, one of its most anticipated games. 

The status of PSN is up in the air for users of PS4 and PS3 as it appears the network has been hacked, just like other websites DDoSed earlier today such as Twitter, Github and several other of the world's biggest websites. It's possible these PSN issues have nothing to do with Sony or PlayStation directly, but rather the result of the same hackers.

The latest outage appears to be impacting a lot more European PSN players in comparison to the outage earlier this morning.

Ask PlayStation UK Support has tweeted the following message to their fans: “We're aware that some PSN services are currently unavailable. Our engineers are investigating the problem and we will update soon.”

Sony's network service status claims ‘some services are experiencing issues' as several users have also reported.

“I can't connect to PSN servers on PS4. Possible DDoS attack on Sony?” wrote one Twitter user.

Michael Pichon, a PS3 user, told, “I have been having trouble logging into the PlayStation Network on my PS3 and was receiving error messages such as DNS error codes and most recently being just timed out of the network. The network is still down as of now.”

The EA Support Twitter feed stated: “We are working with our friends over at PlayStation to fix this.”