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Psypher Security Suite 4.6


Prime Factors



£6,500 to £26,000

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Strengths: Support for many different platforms. Out of the box EDI support

Weaknesses: No centralised administration features. A bit on the pricey side

Verdict: Best suited to protect delegated hosts that perform batch EDI or similar trading functions

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Psypher Security Suite 4.6 from Prime Factors is a software-based product used to encrypt transactions between two endpoints. It contains several native modules that help to secure EDI, commerce and other sensitive transactions using a variety of encryption capabilities. It supports Mainframe, Unix, Windows and several other platforms.

Setup is very easy and it takes just a couple of minutes to get the software installed on any number of operating systems.

The program is deployed to target workstations or servers that are delegated to performing secure transactions. Definitions have to be configured to allocate which type of transaction you are securing on that particular workstation, as well as the authorised partners that you are trading with.

Psypher Security Suite is not the most advanced looking piece of client software but it has a good amount of options to use from an encryption perspective. There are various modules to support secure data transfer transactions based on OpenPGP, X12, EDIFACT and Prime Factor's own proprietary protocol to secure EDI in a closed partner network. Support is also available for PKI.

Customers have the ability to customise specific applications to use the software, based on Prime Factor's available API. Even though the program is typically installed on a per workstation basis, the software can be used in a server model scenario. However this takes a bit more manual configuration, as the suite does not have a centralised administration function to perform common deployment, configuration or operational tasks. To centralise and share settings from a server, you will have to manually ensure workstation clients are using the same centralised shared directories, DLLs, definition files and environment variables.

There is a general help section located on the software interface but it is very basic and nowhere near the quality of downloadable PDFs which are available on the Prime Factor website.

Prime Factor offers phone and email support for the Psypher suite on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis at 20 per cent of the maintenance cost. The support website has limited features (no online customer portal or knowledgebase) and is relegated to a searchable FAQs section and a select few downloadable PDF files.