As many as nine out of ten public sector organisations do not have any special procedures in place to secure sensitive data, new figures suggest.

The BeCrypt survey, which covered UK councils, London boroughs and police authorities, shows that just eight per cent of respondents have full disaster recovery plans in place.

The figures also show that a quarter of the public sector organisations surveyed have experienced a laptop loss or theft in the last year.

Yet, only eight per cent of respondents encrypt all of their computer data and under half fail to encrypt any, according to the report.

“The use of laptops, USB devices and other removable media are posing an increasing risk to data security,” said Richard Brooks, director of sales EMEA at BeCrypt, in a statement. “It is evident that such organisations not only require a security policy, but also encryption that enables it to be implemented.”

The encryption company conducted the survey between August and September 2007.