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Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system

Arguably, the most important battleground is not a geographic location; it's the internet. And here, just as in real-world battles, the enemies of the United States are hoping to find areas of vulnerability to exploit.

Aspen Cyber Strategy Group holds meeting to tackle cyber-security issues

The US Aspen Institute's Aspen Cyber Strategy Group, a cadre of 35 experts from the public and private sectors, held its first meeting Friday to tackle cyber-security challenges.

San Francisco public transport ticket system shut down by ransomware

San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency was caught with a HDDCryptor Ransomware infection over the weekend, leaving the agency unable to sell tickets or charge customers for transport, unless they pay the hackers demands of 100 Bitcoin.

Local government must be part of national cyber-security 'ecosystem'

A provider of IT infrastructure has called for central government to include local government more in mapping out national cyber-security policies.

Security guidance issued by GCHQ

CESG, the Information Security Arm of GCHQ, has released new security guidance for more than ten different end user devices to ensure they are configured and used in the most efficient way compatible with meeting security demands.

Public sector more concerned about reputational damage than accidental data loss

The main concern for a third of public sector companies is reputational damage to their organisation.