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PuriFile v3.1.3


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PuriFile v3.1.3


£3,320 for 25 seats

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Strengths: An unusual product that operates at the client, eliminating the need for over-the-network inspection of files

Weaknesses: Support is somewhat limited

Verdict: Use this in its automatic inspection mode with an email extrusion prevention system for pretty complete extrusion coverage

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Not an extrusion detection product in the strictest sense of the term, PuriFile is an audit/inspection tool that finds information hidden in files. In that regard, it is a first-rate solution for verifying both accidental and intentional data leakage. It is not a steganography tool in that it does not extract inter-pixel data; rather, it looks for metadata, overlays within a document etc.

Installation is straightforward. The product uses a simple wizard, demands a licence key and you're off. We had a bit of trouble obtaining the licence key, because we emailed after normal hours expecting an automated response. We found out that the helpline is only open during normal office hours Monday to Saturdays, but did get an email response.

Once the product is installed, the administrator can add users and the application supports LDAP authentication. The next step is adding policies. You can use pre-made policies or create unique ones for your situation. After that, users may log on to the server and perform inspections.

Inspections can be based upon metadata, file or document format, or dirty (sensitive) words. You perform inspections using a web browser and pointing to the server, select a file to inspect and let PuriFile do its work. You will see the result in detail in the web-based report.

A very nice feature is the Assistant. There are Assistants for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which watch as you create a document in these applications and sound the alarm if you violate a policy. Once a violation has been found, PuriFile supports a "cleansing" process that can include the text, as well as macros disallowed by your policy.

We liked this product for what it is, and we see lots of uses for it in enterprises of just about any size. Documentation is excellent - both a paper manual and a PDF file are provided, but we were disappointed with the website. There is a support portal, but you must subscribe to support to access it. However, support is included in the purchase price for the first year.

PuriFile costs £3,320 for a 25-seat configuration. Prices drop with higher quantities, making this very reasonably priced.