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FT Cyber-Summit: Ilia Kolochenko - throwing cash on the fire doesn't work

High-Tech Bridge CEO Ilia Kolochenko advised a crowd at today's FT Cyber-Summit that we should all "keep is simple", as most breaches happen due to "obvious" mistakes.

SC Congress Toronto 2016: Finish Line leverages IT auditing service to secure increase in cyber budget

In the perennial corporate tug-of-war over budget, Finish Line's director of security and compliance Cory Deeter recently relied on an independent security assessment service to influence upper-level executives to increase funding for cyber-security initiatives.

Fast changes in technology lower optimism of industry leaders

Growing technological change is a double-edged sword for CEOs in technology, media and entertainment and telecoms (communications) as concerns over skills and cyber-security risks continue to bring them down.

A quarter of UK companies hit by cyber-attack, industry unsurprised

As cyber-attacks on UK companies continue to hit new heights, some industry bods are surprised, not at how high the numbers are, but how low.

Cyber-security breaches grow 117 percent in India

A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) claimed that incidents of cyber-security breach have climbed a record 117 percent during the year in India.