Pwn2Own hacking contest takes place this week

News by Ava Fedorov

This week in Vancouver, Canada, HP Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) is hosting its annual security hacking contest, Pwn2Own. Focusing on the six most widely-used browsers and plugins, the contest rewards security researchers for revealing vulnerabilities that have been previously hidden. According to the rules listed on contest's website, “the vulnerability or vulnerabilities used in each attack must be unknown, unpublished, and not previously reported to the vendor.”

This week's competition will particularly target “hardening the threat attack surface through cutting-edge research and responsible disclosure,” Pwn2Own organisers wrote in an email to With HP sponsored prizes ranging from £1,700 to £5,000, and an additional £6,800 Google Project Zero prize for exploitation of Chrome, the amount of cash and non-cash prizes for this year's contest totals over £340,000.

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