Qualys has added software that scans for vulnerabilities on a network and issues a report on what patches need to be applied.

It claimed that Patch Report, a new feature in its QualysGuard Vulnerability Management, will help customers quickly identify and implement patches to eliminate vulnerabilities in their IT environments.

It said that the new reporting feature provides users with actionable patching information for non-security staff such as system administrators and patch management system operators. It includes prioritised lists of patches that need to be applied to a selected set of assets in order to reduce risk, without applying unneeded redundant patches.

Qualys chief marketing officer Amer Deeba, said that the report was introduced following requests from customers with regard to scans on the network that were finding vulnerabilities on the network. He said: “You give the report to the administrator and it shows what needs to be patched and what it does. It allows you to focus on the job in hand so it is very action oriented and helps the administrator to patch properly and it reduces time and is more efficient.”

Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO for Qualys, said: “At the request of our customers, we built this new Patch Report so they can provide their counterparts in operations with a meaningful, task-oriented, ‘out-of-the-box' remediation plan.”