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Encryption: No adoption without simplicity; no security without adoption

"Without simplicity we don't have adoption and without adoption we don't have security," says Linus Chang, Scram Software, adding, quantum computers predicted to break encryption by 2029; many cryptocurrencies won't be secure.

The threat quantum computers pose to modern security

The clock is ticking and in few years, quantum computers will become powerful enough to break the all-important encryption techniqueused billions of times every day by businesses, banks, credit cards, government and consumers.

Hack Proof in an ideal world, quantum computer pretty secure in ours

Given the proven problems of deployment and the ingenuity of attackers sidestepping security controls, it's unwise to describe anything as hack-proof - but that appeared to be the claim for a new quantum computer.

IP Expo: Where IT & physics collide - the relevance of quantum computing

Brian Cox explained that the use of quantum computing for factoring large numbers for cryptography was so effective that it makes classic cryptography redundant.

Quantum computing breaks encryption next decade; current data at risk

Quantum computing is arriving now and could break public key encryption in a decade - so long term valuable data could be obtained and held now to be decrypted later warns Graeme Park.

Is China's newly built quantum crypto-network really unhackable?

It looks like China is the latest to apply quantum cryptology to create a supposedly unhackable network. But just how valid are these claims?

Quantum-powered random numbers could provide key to better cryptography

True randomness is impossible to achieve with conventional hardware, and some applications are terrible at it, but are our current random number generators 'good enough' and is it worth using quantum technology to achieve better randomness?

IP Expo: Quantum computing is really cool, no really

Jay Gambetta, a research manager for IBM took to the stage this morning at IP Expo Europe 2016 to explain the advances IBM are making in research into quantum computing.

Encryption delivers quantum of solace

Data creation and transmission is growing exponentially, with 2.8 zettabytes of data created in 2012, forecast to reach 40 zettabytes (ZB) by 2020 (IDC), and currently encryption offers the best option to secure all that data says Roi Perez