Security software vendor Quarri Technologies has announced protection for the Android platform to its ‘Protect on Q' for mobile devices.

Offering data protection technology beyond the PC to keep sensitive data secure when accessed via mobile devices, the company claimed that Quarri Protect On Q Mobile for Android extends protection to the Android operating system to offer information controls to prevent the unauthorised use and replication of confidential data, certificate whitelisting and blocking of invalid certificates and browser plug-ins to mitigate hostile browser extension.

Bill Morrow, executive chairman of Quarri Technologies, said: “Demand for access to corporate information via a variety of devices further reinforces the need for supporting Android, since it is used on more than 25 million tablet and mobile devices worldwide.

“Though the browser at the endpoint is the weakest point on the network, not all threats are external. Advancements in Quarri's Protect On Q product suite help corporations mitigate data replication by controlling both malicious and careless end-user behavior to prevent sensitive information from being stolen, leaked or shared.”