Quest acquires identity management vendor Symlabs

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Quest has acquired virtual directories and identity management solutions vendor Symlabs.

Quest has acquired virtual directories and identity management solutions vendor Symlabs.

Quest said that acquisition is intended to further extend its Quest One identity solution to add strong middleware technology capabilities, while the addition of Symlabs virtual directory software will enable Quest products to consolidate identity data that is stored in the distributed environment.

It also said that the acquisition will also add additional federated identity capabilities that will broaden the single sign-on solutions to create a secure, trusted environment out of multiple systems in a single enterprise, or from systems across multiple enterprises.

Jackson Shaw, senior director of product management at Quest Software, said: “Symlabs has a strong history of eliminating complex integration problems quickly and inexpensively and its virtual directory technology makes it a great fit for Quest One.”

Mark Diodati, research vice president with Gartner's IT professionals research and advisory service, said: “The purchase of the virtual directory and federation products is a good one and will serve Quest customers well. In order to be competitive and support the same important scenario, the Virtual Directory must pick up sync server capabilities ASAP. The two products will then work in harmony to provision users and sign them into SaaS applications.”


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