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Quest One Identity Solution


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Prices generally start at £4.75 per enabled user and vary depending on the required solution components

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Strengths: Automated user provisioning with a solid feature set

Weaknesses: There were none that we found

Verdict: Top-drawer product, easy to manage and a real value for the money. We rate this as our Best Buy

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The Quest One Identity Solution is an interesting product in that it can use not only an existing Active Directory structure to manage users and user accounts but it can actually set up SSO, based on user roles at the time the account is created. When a user is entered into the system and assigned a specific role, this product gives logon rights as required, with little need for administrative interaction.

This product installs quite easily. The installation itself takes just a few minutes and consists of setting up the ActiveRoles Server and the client applications. Administration is done from management console applications that have the look and feel of working inside Windows Active Directory. This makes administration easy and familiar to system administrators. Everything done through the ActiveRoles console is reflected at once in Active Directory.

Quest One integrates across several platforms and applications. This allows for ultimate user management both at the logon level for workstations and also in applications used in the environment. Systems that can integrate with this product include all Windows/Active Directory environments, Unix/Linux/Mac operating systems, any application that grants access through login, including web applications, and any OATH-compliant OTP solution.

Documentation is in the form of PDF manuals. These include guides for ActiveRoles Server, Password Manager and Enterprise Single Sign-On. All the guides are well organised and easy to follow.

Quest includes one year of basic support in the purchase price of the product. Additional support can be bought for 20 per cent of the licence fee. Support offered includes phone and email technical support as well as access to web-based support.

At a starting price of £4.75 per user, this product provides a solid feature set at a reasonable price. We find this product to be great value for the money, based on its solid capability and ease of management.

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