Quest Software has announced the acquisition of privileged access control and identity management provider e-DMZ Security.

Intended to expand its One Identity portfolio of identity and access management solutions, the Total Privilege Access Management (TPAM) Suite from e-DMZ will add four key products to Quest One for privileged and application password management, and privileged session and command management.

Quest Software said that the combination gives it an advantage in the space by combining the four pillars of the converging privileged identity management market with Active Directory Bridge, password vault, Unix privilege management and Windows session management.

Doug Garn, president and CEO of Quest Software, said: “Many organisations today not only have to be concerned with outsider security threats, but also with risks related to internal threats, particularly those employees who have access to the most sensitive data and a broad range of resources. With the addition of e-DMZ, Quest One will now be able to help organisations ensure security and compliance around privileged accounts across their entire enterprise, strengthening their overall governance and meeting security initiatives and requirements.”