Quest Software and DigitalPersona have joined technologies to offer an enterprise-level security solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

According to the company, DigitalPersona Pro allows mobile notebook users to safely log into VPNs, webmail and other Radius-compatible applications without having to carry hardware-based tokens or launch separate software token applications.

By integrating Quest Defender, DigitalPersona Pro will allow businesses to combine one-time passwords for remote access with the ease of use of other forms of strong authentication, including fingerprint biometrics or smartcards.

Jackson Shaw, senior director of product management at Quest Software, said: “We are pleased that DigitalPersona has integrated Quest Defender into its centrally-managed suite of security applications.

“With the broad distribution of DigitalPersona Pro on leading brands of notebook computers, many more businesses will now be able to take advantage of our award-winning, proven technology for securing their VPNs and critical applications.”

Jim Fulton, vice president of marketing at DigitalPersona, said: “The addition of Quest Defender into DigitalPersona Pro gives SMBs a unique and easy way to deploy two-factor authentication for remote users.

“By working with established market leaders such as Quest, DigitalPersona is able to bring security solutions to the SMB market that are simpler and more affordable to deploy than individual point security products.”

Quest has also launched two new data protection product suites, Quest Total Virtual Data Protection (TVDP) and Quest Virtual Infrastructure Assurance, which offer data protection and management tools for virtualised environments.

Carl Eberling, vice president and general manager of virtualisation and monitoring at Quest Software, said: “As virtualisation becomes more widespread and customers look to extend their virtual infrastructures to include critical applications and infrastructure components, they need to know the data protection and management tools they have in place will ensure optimal performance and protection.

“Quest's new product suites deliver the management solutions customers need to confidently grow and extend their virtual environments.”