Rackspace casts a cloud over Europe

News by Dan Raywood

Rackspace has announced the launch of its first European-located cloud.

Rackspace has announced the launch of its first European-located cloud.

Including Rackspace Cloud Files, running on OpenStack Object Storage and Cloud Servers located on the Xen hypervisor, the company said that the new cloud platform joins the dedicated hosting platform already offered in EMEA.

Lanham Napier, president and CEO of Rackspace, told SC Magazine that the European cloud was launched following a brief beta period. Its European customers previously used a US-based cloud. This, he said, helps with data protection law legislation, as well as being an accelerator for business for his company and customers.

He said: “Customers in the UK want to be treated in a certain way, billed in pounds not in dollars and want a UK-based service. With cloud, awareness is important and looking at the adoption, the small-to-medium businesses do not have sophisticated technologies and do not have big budgets and with this recession, cloud is an option. While it will not do everything you can use it to some extent, I think that outsourcing technology networks will become ubiquitous.”

According to Rackspace, Cloud Files provides scalable cloud-based storage, ideal for backups, video files or static user content, while Cloud Servers provide instant computing power, allowing customers to serve applications with flexibility and efficiency.

“Some industry analysts have stated that by 2012, 20 per cent of organisations will no longer own an in-house IT infrastructure. Cloud computing enables this evolution in a cost-effective way; if customers on the cloud no longer need resources, they stop using them and almost immediately stop paying for them. This will be critical to companies still fighting to cut costs from their budgets and will allow them to control spending more tightly than ever before,” said Napier.

“It is as a result of direct feedback from our existing and prospective customer base that we have brought the Rackspace cloud to Europe and built it out in our UK data centre. The Rackspace European cloud brings with it reduced latency for those customers and eradicates concerns over currency fluctuations and European data legislation compliance.”


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