Vodafone has chosen Rackspace to host and support its mobile micropayment M-PESA platform.

Designed to provide a fast and secure way to transfer money from person to person, Vodafone said that M-PESA is a valuable service in emerging countries that will help users to transfer money back to their family and spend money in local stores.

David Kelly, managing director of Rackspace, said: “We're excited to be working with Vodafone on this project and look forward to seeing how it develops across the world to support those people who currently do not have access to banks and in turn help them to become more economically active through the application of innovative technology.”

Neil Dwyer, Vodafone's senior operations manager, said: “Rackspace has a long history of being able to meet demand quickly and we are delighted to work with them in order to deliver this important and increasingly popular service.

“It is essential for us to work with a hosting company that can provide 24/7 support and comprehensive security. Rackspace has proven their ability to deliver and their rapid response times allow us to scale quickly and effectively to meet peaks in demand.”