Rackspace has announced the launch of a European ‘Critical Sites' service for customers whose online presence is ‘extremely mission-critical'.

According to the company, Critical Sites delivers enterprise-level support for clients' most important websites and applications. Rackspace said that it allows access to a suite of performance management tools that are designed to increase peak application performance and availability.

It said that Critical Sites differs from its existing services in several ways, as a team of web-scale engineers deliver a service designed to give deep insight into application performance with scheduled analysis reviews for applications, infrastructure and architectures.

In addition, it said that Critical Sites provides customers with a sophisticated set of tools for advanced application and website monitoring and simulated load testing. The service also features a separate service level agreement to include a five-minute guarantee of a notification of an event and a 100 per cent production platform uptime guarantee.

Rackspace chief strategy officer Lew Moorman told SC Magazine that Critical Sites was about creating a stable environment for applications to rest on.

He said: “Critical Sites is about getting the application stable as everything is prepared for what goes wrong. We do not write the application, but we can optimise it and be a part of the IT department.

“Websites are core to business, it is not just moderation and expertise that you need, you have a huge amount of technologies that comprise of the cloud and enterprise cloud and this is our best experts on demand to solve your problems.”

Rackspace senior vice president David Kelly said that in the past, organisations ran their own entire IT operation but are now increasingly choosing to buy IT-as-a-Service. “To address that need, we have created our Critical Sites service offering mission-critical, enterprise-grade hosting,” he said.