Radware combines intrusion and denial-of-service protection with network behavioural analysis in new solution

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Radware has launched an all-inclusive security solution to protect data centres and networks from new hybrid attacks.

Radware has launched an all-inclusive security solution to protect data centres and networks from new hybrid attacks.

Named APSolute Attack Prevention, it connects several defences together to allow them to work synchronously and provide network and data centre infrastructures with protection from hybrid network attacks.

A key element of the solution includes DefensePro, which integrates an intrusion prevention system (IPS), network behavioural analysis (NBA) and denial-of-service (DoS) protection. DefensePro employs multiple detection and prevention engines including signature detection, protocol anomaly detection, stateful inspection and traffic anomaly detection.

Also included is APSolute Vision, a new unified management system providing monitoring, forensics and reporting across the different modules and multiple DefensePro devices and locations - enabling advanced correlation for new attacks. It incorporates a security event management engine that enables security managers to detect, prioritise and respond to emerging network attacks that threaten the business applications infrastructure.

Finally a new emergency response team (ERT) service provides customers with a swift and professional response that neutralises attacks and restores network and service operational status. According to Radware, it is specifically designed to provide a 24/7 service for customers facing DoS attacks or malware outbreaks and will provide instantaneous, expert security support to restore network and service operational status.

Avi Chesla, vice president of security at Radware, said: “The communication between these integrated protection modules with the combination of unified management and reporting is essential; the sum of all parts is bigger than the whole - it is what sets us apart from the competition.

“Only the communication between these modules allows for the correlation of events and the ability to reach the correct conclusions concerning the level of risk and what is actually happening. With the development of APSolute Attack Prevention, we have designed a well-synchronised solution which is backed with a service offering to deliver a high-level of protection to IT infrastructures - enabling them to fight against known and emerging attacks more effectively in real-time, whilst keeping costs down and preserving performance as well as business continuity.”


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