Radware unveils attack mitigation system

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Radware has launched an attack mitigation system (AMS) to detect and defend against attacks in real time.

Radware has launched an attack mitigation system (AMS) to detect and defend against attacks in real time.

The application security solution provider for virtual and cloud environments and data centres said the integrated system protects the application infrastructure in real time against network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, information theft, web service attacks and web defacement.

Organisations typically respond to attacks with separate patches and tools for protection such as anti-DoS, intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, network behavioural analysis, reputation engines and security information and event management solutions – and Radware said its AMS consolidates these. Its function includes signature detection and network and application behavioural analysis to handle malicious application traffic through application-level challenge/response techniques.

According to the company, this gives security managers the ability to identify bots that imitate real user application transactions and block them in real time, avoiding the need to perform rate-based protection that would drop legitimate users along with the attack traffic.

It claimed that this can lead a transformative shift in the way the industry approaches IT security – from the current, tool-based response to a holistic approach that integrates tools and strategies.

Avi Chesla, CTO of Radware, said: “Nearly all IT security solutions today are designed and deployed as point solutions. That's the problem, they miss the big picture. Thus they cannot make the required context-based security assessment, leaving the network exposed to today's multi-vulnerability attack campaigns.

“Most vendors only specialise as players in a primary solution, while others will offer ‘light' version add-ons to incorporate additional defences. The solution we have launched offers best-of-breed technologies for all of these security modules in a holistic, integrated solution addressing the full gamut of today's evolving security threat landscape.”

The AMS is built on Radware's DefensePro network security appliance, AppWall web application firewall and APSolute Vision application and network security management dashboard.


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