Radware has announced the release of the fifth version of its DefensePro security solution.

DefensePro 5.0 is an enhanced version of its intrusion prevention system that is designed to protect application infrastructure against cybersecurity attacks and emerging zero-minute and non-vulnerability network threats.

The company claimed that by leveraging a ‘booster shot' feature, DefensePro 5.0 can accurately detect and neutralise security breaches without the risk of blocking legitimate users or bypassing the security engine during attack mitigation.

Avi Chesla, vice president of security products at Radware, said: “With more business communications and transactions going online, organisations must look to protect web-based assets against security threats that can significantly reduce productivity or cripple the network.

“Even with a standard intrusion prevention system deployed, many organisations aren't properly equipped to inspect the full range of traffic necessary to keep today's hackers at bay. DefensePro 5.0 was designed to eliminate this weakness that hackers know, but customers might not.”