RandomStorm has announced that its senior security engineer, Robin Wood, has gained the certified application tester qualification from the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST).

The security management and compliance company is now a CHECK ‘Green Light' company for both web testing and infrastructure, and has CHECK team leaders certified with both the CREST and TIGER schemes. RandomStorm is a CESG CHECK security consultancy and certified as a qualified security assessor and approved scanning vendor by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Wood said: “I am delighted to have passed the CREST certified application tester exam. Application vulnerabilities were at the root of the majority of the major security breaches this year and will continue to pose a threat as new applications are introduced.

“It's important that we can help our customers to improve their security posture by identifying both common and less obvious vulnerabilities in their applications.”

Andrew Mason, technical director and co-founder of RandomStorm, said: “CREST qualifications are the gold standard in web application testing and can only be achieved by security professionals at the top of their game. We congratulate Robin on successfully achieving this senior level and winning CHECK team leader status for web application testing for the RandomStorm team.”

The CREST examination is a senior-level qualification that measures candidates' practical ability to discover vulnerabilities in web applications. CREST chairman Ian Glover recently told SC Magazine about the background of and plans for the scheme, saying the purpose of the organisation was to "increase the professionalism of the industry" and "raise the profile of the industry".