RandomStorm has launched a vulnerability scanning platform to combine the capabilities of three leading scanners.

It combines the Nessus, SAINT and OpenVAS vulnerability scanning engines and compiles data into a single dashboard. Two versions are offered: iStorm is the appliance-based management platform; and xStorm is the hosted management version.

According to the company, the combination of three industry-leading scanners allows organisations to constantly monitor and maintain their defences to prevent hacking and loss or exposure of customer data.

Robin Hill, director of RandomStorm, said: “We believe that this is the first management platform that automatically integrates and correlates the results from three scanning engines. We've been amazed at the difference in reports that individual vulnerability scanners provide on the same IP addresses, so we decided to combine and automate three of the best scanners, providing correlation between an extended range of network vulnerabilities and new types of attack.

“By automating and integrating three scanning engines we've effectively brought more hands on deck to fight the increase in malicious attacks on company networks.”