RandomStorm has announced the acquisition of the open source vulnerability testing application Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA).

Developed by security blogger and ethical hacker, Ryan Dewhurst to deliberately include a wide range of design errors and coding vulnerabilities, DVWA is an open source PHP/MySQL web application.

Security professionals and web developers are able to freely use DVWA to help build a better understanding of the process of securing web applications and as a training aid for pen testers and other ethical hackers without breaking the law.

As part of the acquisition agreement, Dewhurst will join the RandomStorm development team to provide expert consultancy services and will continue to work on the development of DVWA as well as a range of other open source test applications that are in the pipeline.

Dewhurst said: “RandomStorm has become widely recognised in the professional security sector as thought leaders in the vulnerability management space. DVWA is a natural fit with its other specialist scanning technology and with their backing the aim is for it to become even more widely available to the testing community.”

Andrew Mason, RandomStorm's founder and chief technologist, said: “Our aim is become synonymous with all aspects of managing network vulnerability and a first port of call for security professionals looking for the tools they need to keep one step ahead of the hackers.

“DVWA adds a new dimension to our core products and services that will help us to strengthen our growing reputation in our specialist sector of the market and open up new opportunities beyond the UK and Europe.”