RandomStorm has announced the launch of an integrated log analysis, host-based intrusion detection system and file integrity platform.

Named the StormAgent, the company said that it automates protective monitoring of network hosts and its algorithm identifies, classifies and stores alerts into IP and time-based events that are associated with instances of matched rules.

RandomStorm said that StormAgent is capable of processing up to 28 million logs per day and categorises and stores recurring security alerts into manageable and meaningful groups associated with specific hosts across the network. It also claimed that the dashboard enables users to quickly drill down into each instance, based on five thousand pre-defined rules, to view the correlated alerts and access vital information such as the source IP address and the timeline of the event.

Also included are a host-based intrusion detection system and a file integrity management tool that can be configured to monitor critical hosts, identify imminent threats and pinpoint any changes to confidential files in real-time.

Andrew Mason, co-founder and technical director of RandomStorm, said: “With billions of alerts being logged each year, important indicators can get overlooked. StormAgent provides system managers with a powerful tool that filters out the most vital information and most importantly, makes it understandable, so that staff can act swiftly to thwart an attack.”